Exam Processing Service

An online service for marking multiple choice examination papers using standard scanners and regular paper

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How it works

ACSPRI's system enables efficient processing of multiple choice exam papers, for ACSPRI member organisations

  1. Enter your answer key into the system
  2. Scan your completed exam papers as PDFs using a regular scanner
  3. Upload scanned PDFs to the system for processing and quality checking
  4. Results and reporting will be available via an email link within 24 hours

Give the service a try by clicking on the button above. Contact ACSPRI at: scanning@acspri.org.au or 03 9013 9653 for information about using or customising this system for your institution.

The fine print

This system is based on the open source paper form processing system, queXF, also developed by ACSPRI. It replaces the need for specialised mark recognition hardware, and related printing, such as Scantron devices. Multiple choice examination papers can be printed in black and white or colour using regular printers, and scanned in PDF format using regular scanners. Exam participants can fill in the sheet with a pen or dark pencil. Once the papers are uploaded, the queXF mark recognition software attempts to automatically process the papers. If there are any results it cannot be 100% satisfied with, these are sent to verification staff who identify the selected response. Once all papers for an examination are processed, the bulk results are checked for any errors or unexpected results, and then sent to the examination creator via a one-time link secure download. In addition to the students score in CSV/spreadsheet format, raw results are provided (each response written by the student) along with a report containing item discrimination and reliability analyses.